Obese are mentally ill, says Dukan diet inventor

Updated: Aug 20, 2012, 19:31 PM IST

London: Dr Pierre Dukan, whose weight-loss plan has been followed by the likes of Francois Hollande and Carole Middleton, has raised eyebrows by saying that obese people are mentally ill.

He stated he felt sorry for those who were seriously overweigh and believes obesity must be tackled at all costs.

“It`s a mental problem. I`ve never seen an obese person who has said, `I am well in the mind,`” the Telegraph quoted him as telling to The Mail

“I suffer for them I like them because they are not really ill, like with the cancer, but feel they are outside of society.... I want to help,” he stated.

The Dukan Diet is a strict high protein, low carbohydrate diet. It is similar to the Atkins diet, focussing on food groups and being split into particular phases in which different foods are allowed. However, Dr Dukan advocates cutting out high fat foods as well.

The approach, which includes lists of permitted foods, has been criticised widely.

The British Dietetic Association labelled it the “worst celebrity diet of 2011”, saying there was “absolutely no solid science behind it”.

French organisations including the Institut Pasteur in Lille have also slammed it, saying it could lead to serious nutritional imbalances.

But Dr Dukan is convinced that his approach is the best [diet] on the market and it is the healthiest and the most ethical.