Olympic aspirants must have lots of proteins and no carbs

Updated: Aug 12, 2012, 19:02 PM IST

London: Include lots of humble `paneer` in your diet, eat four meals a day and cut out carbohydrates to be a successful Olympian, nutritionists have said.

Sports nutritionist Gavin Allinson has said that one can take inspiration from an athlete`s diet to gain the strength of swift British athletes like Jessica Ennis and the stamina of Mo Farah, the `Daily Mail` reported.

Allinson recommends starting the day with a breakfast omelette, followed by salad for lunch, soup or a protein shake in the afternoon and then a simple meal of meat and two veg - without carbs - in the evening.

Workout before breakfast and dinner not later than 6 PM, followed by light exercisers an hour later was highly recommended by the nutritionist.

The nutritionist said that one should aim for nine a day rather than five, eating six portions of vegetables and three pieces of fruit.

Junk food like pizza, carbohydrates and fats must be a struck out from the diet, and eating butter is advisable over margarine, the paper quoted Allison as telling `The Sunday Times`.

Western diets have too much omega-6 in them, which helps cholesterol stick to arteries, he said.

For those with a sweet-tooth, Allinson recommends lime cheesecake, which contains cauliflower and cottage cheese.
Cottage cheese is also said to be great as a snack to stave off night time cravings and could also be the the key to an all-important good night`s rest as it contains tryptophan, an amino acid which aids sleep.

Adding virgin olive oil is considered best for salad dressings, Allison recommended.