Protein drinks of no use to athletes

London: A study has claimed that protein-based sports drinks do not improve or give any benefit to athletic performance.

University of Bath researchers who reviewed the effects of the drink and supplements found that they offered no more benefits than protein found in a balanced diet.

Lead researcher Dr James Betts said claimed that the drinks helped performance could not be stood up.

"While many carbohydrate drinks are often appropriate for individuals keen to enhance their performance, claims that protein can be of similar benefit are simply not supported by firm scientific evidence," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"Aside from these proposed effects during exercise, many manufacturers claim that supplementing our diets with added protein may help the body to adapt to physical training.

"Protein is an essential part of our diets but even athletes who are training hard will almost certainly get more than enough protein from the food they eat," he added.

The study will be published in the next issue of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise.

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