So which is better Chia or Flax?

While selecting the seed your individual needs matter the most.

Sandhya Gugnani

Nutrient comparison: Chia vs Flax

Nutritional Value CHIA SEEDS
 ( 2 tbsp dried)
 (2 tbsp grounded) 
Energy 69 Kcal 75 Kcal 
Fat 4.4 g 6 g
Protein 2.3 g 2.6 g
Carbohydrate 6 g 4 g
Fibre (* 25-30g/day) 20% of RDA* 15% of RDA*
Calcium (1000 mg/day) 9% of RDA 4% of RDA
Potassium ( 4700mg/day) 2% of RDA 3% of RDA
Vitamin B1 ( 1-2 mg/day) 6% of RDA 15% of RDA
PUFA 3 g 4 g
Selenium ( 55mcg/ day) 11% of RDA 5% of RDA

While selecting the seed your individual needs matter the most.

  • People trying to loose weight chooses Chia for its ability to form gel when mixed with liquid, which has a higher satiety value & makes you feel full.
  • It also regulates blood sugar.
  • Unlike Flaxseeds, Chia seeds are rich in calcium which is good for strengthening bones.
  • They are also rich in selenium which is an antioxidant which helps to fight cancer & heart disease.
  • Chia seeds are more expensive as compared to flaxseeds.
  • Whereas flaxseeds high in Omega 3 & brain boosting vitamins are good for brain , skin, arteries & preventing inflammation.
  • Flaxseeds are rich in lignans which is a kind of antioxidant known as phytochemicals. Lignans helps to reduce cholesterol, improves skin & hair and also reduce menopause symptoms.
  • Flaxseeds to be consumed in a ground form to get maximum nutritional benefits.
  • Since you can see that they both have benefits that makes them necessary & useful especially for a vegan’s diet.

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