‘Social nutrition’ diet may be best hangover cure

Wellington: An Auckland company is espousing the benefits of social nutrition as a "realistic" approach for women to prepare and recover from drinking sessions and eating fatty foods.

Nova Nutrition`s managing director Catherine Sissons said the concept was a result of her experience in nutrition, sports science and hospitality, and seeing drinking culture in full swing, Fairfax News reported.

She said the secret was to treat your body like an athlete preparing for an event, by helping out the metabolism and digestive system.

Sissons said alcohol and caffeine caused dehydration, so on a day of drinking alcohol it was good to eat foods with a high water content, like fruit and vegetables.

For example, tomatoes, broccoli and beetroot have high water content and antioxidants and other vitamins which can help the body prepare for the stresses alcohol places on the system.

Sissons said the body could also be helped after drinking.

According to her, an orange or two mandarins can help you get started for the day and have less sugar than drinking a [sports drink].

Drinking orange juice is not helpful because it can cause more water to be lost because of the high concentration of sugar being absorbed too quickly into the body, and can cause a spike in blood glucose - leaving you feeling tired later in the day, she said.

She said it was not about encouraging people to drink alcohol, and also helped people lose weight.


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