Summer special: Best 5 healthy drinks

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2013, 12:45 PM IST

It goes round and round spreading its golden fingers on the ground the whole day. Yes, summer time is here with Sun in its full swing to spread its heat. A good and chilling drink is all that one needs to say goodbye to the summer heat instantly.

So, beat the heat this summer with these cool drinks that will soothe your thirst and will leave you wanting for more.

Lemonade: Each one of us yearns for that cool glass of simple lemonade after reaching back to one’s abode after perspiring all day. Lemonade is one really good option to revitalize your weary senses. It flushes out all the toxins and impurities that can build up in the body leaving you refreshed.
How to prepare: The steps involved are given as follows:
- Take three lemons and just remove wide strips of zest from them with the help of a peeler.
- Now, squeeze these lemons in a bowl.
- Boil water and add equal amount of sugar to make sugar water.
- Pour in a little amount of lemon juice in each glass and then add equal amounts of sugar water mixture into it. Now, add cold water to all and stir nicely to combine. Add ice cubes and serve.
Sweet Lassi: Lassi is another drink that soothes you instantly. Since yogurt is full of healthy beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes, drinking a glass of lassi not just gives you the needful energy, but also helps in digestion and burning excess fat. (If sugar is not added to it)
How to prepare: The steps involved are given as follows:
- Take 500 gms of youghurt and mix 150 grams of sugar in it. Now, add ice cubes into it and blend all these ingredients into a fine paste.
- Now, pour all this in a tall glass and add 1 tsp `rooh afza` and sprinkle a few drops of rose essence into it. Keep it in the refrigerator to chill and then serve. One can also add mango essence, mint essence as per their flavour liking.
Ice Tea: A glass of ice tea is all what you need on a hot summer day. Studies suggest that drinking tea regularly reduces one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s and diabetes and helps in building healthier teeth, gums and stronger bones.
How to prepare: The steps involved are given as follows:
- Take 2 cups of water (to prepare two servings) and boil it.
- Now, turn off the heat once it is boiled and add 3-4 teabags of the tea of your choice.
- Keep the teabags in the hot water for 5 minutes and not more as it might get bitter.
- After it cools off, pour the concentrated tea into a jar and then add sugar as you like and stir.
- Finally add cold water and stir again. Serve.
Aam ka panna: This summer drink from our very own Indian kitchen is best to fight against heat stroke and also is a rich source of vitamin C therefore boosting immunity. The antioxidants present in mangoes helps in fighting cancer. Also, aam panna can fight acidity and helps in aiding digestion keeping your stomach cool.
How to prepare:
The steps involved are given as follows:
- Take some fresh mangoes and wash them properly.
- Next boil them and then let them cool.
- Now, peel the mangoes and mash them properly to take out the strain and pulp out of them.
- Add cumin powder, a little amount of black pepper, a bit of salt (as per taste) and sugar to it and stir it well.
- Take a long glass and pour the concentrated drink in it. Add ice cubes and serve.
Fresh fruit juices:
Fresh fruit juices are good for health as they provide a natural burst of energy. Adding fresh fruit juices to one’s diet helps in lowering one’s risk for heart disease, type-2 diabetes, certain types of cancers and obesity.
How to prepare: The steps involved are given as follows:

- Take a combination of fresh fruits that you would like to have in your drink say berry-pineapple, kiwi-strawberry, mango-banana etc.
- Now, cut all the fruits and add sugar say 4 tbps to one glass of juice. One can also add honey as per one’s taste.
- Now, blend all this well with ice cubes in a blender.
- Take a tall glass and pour it into it and serve with walnuts or almonds or a scoop of vanilla ice cream as topping over it.
So, go ahead and indulge yourself this summer in these refreshing drinks and say yes to good health.
Compilation by: Shruti Saxena