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Top 5 health benefits of mango juice

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New Delhi: The king of fruits, Mango not only tastes good that but also offers a number of health benefits for your body. The tropical fruit is sweet in taste and is available in a wide variety. It is widely used in various cuisines like chutney, pickles, amras, lassi etc.

Mango juice contains vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

Here are five health benefits why you should indulge in this juicy fruit:

-Mango juice helps reduce the development of cancer cells within the body.

-It contains fiber which aids in digestion and elimination of acids.

-Mangoes are a rich source Vitamin A and flavonoids which help promote good eyesight and prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

-Mango juice helps regulate blood pressure as it contains potassium that assists your muscles, heart and nerves’ functions.

-In case of pregnancy, mango juice is very much beneficial to help increase the speed of the child’s physical and mental development as it is low in calories and rich in other essential nutrients.

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