Try caramel mousse to shed extra flab

Bangalore: Do you hesitate eating desserts for fear of putting on a few extra pounds? Well, you don`t need to deny yourself any longer.

A new dessert on sale at Tesco not only contains fewer calories than an apple, but according to claims from its manufacturers, the creamy pudding could also help slimmers to lose weight.

The 60-calorie mousse, made by drinks company Bio-Synergy, contains a natural ingredient that can actually reduce the desire to binge on sugar, the store claimed.

The caramel-flavoured treat contains chromium, a mineral said to cut sugar cravings.

According to the Tesco spokesperson, chromium has been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn helps reduce craving for sweet foods.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter said the product must contain sufficient chromium in order to have any effect on dieters`` appetite - something Daniel Herman of Bio-Synergy said the mousse achieves.

"In order to be efficacious a product needs to have at least 15 per cent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of chromium," a newspaper quoted him as saying.

"We`ve created the product to contain 30 per cent to ensure that customers are getting the optimum amount," he added.

"Apart from giving the figure-conscious a guilt-free treat the dessert is also believed to be the first food to contain a mineral that helps reduce sugar cravings," said Tesco desserts buyer Emma Pettitt.

"By enjoying a Skinny Mousse not only are you choosing a low calorie, low sugar, low fat alternative to rich desserts but you are also helping to manage your cravings for them too.

You can`t abuse your diet then eat a little mousse and hope that will undo the damage," added Pettitt.


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