Uncooked fruits and veggie diet latest fad among health freaks

Melbourne: The 80/10/10 diet, a low-fat diet that is based wholly around fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables , has taken the fitness world by storm.

Instagram beauty Loni Jane, 25, whose partying lifestyle was resulting in declining health, has revealed that she found Dr. Doug Graham's "lifesaving" diet when she started getting skin infections, acne, candida overgrowth and irregular periods, News.com.au reported.

While explaining the diet, the Gold Coast designer said that early in the morning she gulps down two litres of warm water with lemon and a big smoothie with five to ten organic bananas.

Jane, who is 26 weeks pregnant with her first child, insisted that for lunch she likes to have a mono meal, meaning one type of fruit, which is really good for digestion.

Dinner is always a huge salad with a Tahini dressing, the former "heavy drinker" said.

Jane added that the diet has completely changed her lifestyle for the better, as she feels more grounded, and connected with herself and her surroundings.