Diwali Special: Useful tips for a healthier celebrations!

Make sure that you don't stuff yourself with fatty foods, sweets and other fried stuffs.

Zee Media Bureau/Salome Phelamei

Come Diwali and you are all set for celebrations – heavy foods, sweets, late night parties, etc.

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But, it's important to set a limit and keep yourself free from unhealthy activities to enjoy the festivities without compromising on your health.

Below are a few tips for a healthy Diwali:

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  • Make sure that you don't stuff yourself with fatty foods, sweets and other fried stuffs. Remember moderation is the key to staying fit and healthy.
  • Also, avoid sweets that have 'silver' coating as such foils are often adulterated by aluminium, which is a hazardous metal for your body.
  • If you have been partying till late, make sure that you eat less through the day to avoid binge eating.
  • If you are attending a party, pick healtier desserts which are made at home with skimmed milk, jaggery and honey.
  • Opt for salads, soups, fruits, grilled and roasted meats, egg whites while cutting out on processed food like biscuits, bread, ready to eat porridge etc.
  • Sip on water frequently to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Limit your alcohol intake if at all you can't avoid it.
  • Do not mix your drinks with juices and aerated waters. This will only add to the sugar content and promotes weight gain.
  • If you are gifting someone, choose dried fruits or low calorie sweets instead of those ghee-laden traditional sweets.
  • Stick to your finess schedules to keep yourself fit. In fact, experts advice to increase the duration of your exercise by 10-15 minutes during festivals to stay active and fit and most importantly to keep weight gain at bay.
  • Try to cut down on the amount of crackers you burn although the idea of saying 'No' to crackers is difficult for all of us at this point of time. Cutting down on crackers means lesser air and sound pollution.

So, follow the above tips to enjoy a safe, happy Diwali!

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