Why ‘light’ processed foods are as tasty as full-fat versions

London: Ever wondered why ‘light and healthy’ processed foods that have cut back on fat, sugar and gluten taste just like the original version?

A new study that appears in the current edition of Chemical and Engineering News, ACS’ weekly newsmagazine, credits it to a host of ingredients derived from Mother Nature.

In the article Melody Bombgardner, C and EN Senior Business Editor, explained that food processors usually face the problem of reproducing the texture or “mouth feel” of products that have cut back on fat, sugar and gluten.

More and more of these products are appearing on supermarket shelves in response to changing preferences of health-conscious consumers.

Food companies are in a quandary in selecting replacements, because of a parallel consumer backlash against products with long complicated lists of ingredients with the names of tongue-twisting chemical compounds.

The study described how a host of ingredients derived from Mother Nature, are assuming increasingly important roles in giving those processed foods a satisfying taste.

It includes a “mouth map” used to help formulate “light” foods so that they taste like the full-fat versions.

The study identified natural food ingredients that do double-duty as ingredients in toothpastes, shampoo, skin creams, and even oil and gas drilling.


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