Why you should avoid eating leftover food!

Harmful bacteria continues to grow even after the leftovers are refrigerated.

Zee Media Bureau

No wonder most of us end up eating leftovers – thanks to our hectic daily lifestyle! While they may look healthier than most pre-packaged foods, often eating food stored in your refrigerator can be dangerous.


Here are three reasons why you should avoid eating leftover food:

Food poisoning – Usually, we don't refrigerate our food immediately after cooking. This habbit encourages the growth of bacteria in leftover foods, resulting in food poisoning and other digestive problems. It is believed that bacteria can grow in foods that are not refrigerated within two hours of cooking.

Cross contamination – Bacteria-loaded leftovers can contaminate other foods stored in your refrigerator, thereby degrading the food quality while increasing the risk of your family falling ill.

Acidity – Since harmful bacteria continues to grow even after the foods are refrigerated, leftovers get fermented, making them even more acidic in nature. And consuming frequent this food can cause acidity.

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