Yogurt: The top health food

Yogurt is one of the most accessible foods and a wonderful source of essential nutrients coupled with a nice taste and easy on your stomach. Switch to a bowl of this dairy wonder daily and see the difference. Here’s how:

Storehouse of calcium: In case you hate drinking milk,are an lactose intolerant and wondering from where to get your daily dose of calcium, yogurt is the answer. Calcium is one of the nutrients found in yogurt which plays a very important role in the development and strengthening of bones and teeth.

Rich source of nutrients:Yogurt is abundant in protein and its daily consumption is vital to our health as this nutrient is essential for building and repairing body tissue. Also potassium is another mineral found in yogurt which aids in balancing of sodium levels in the blood thus assisting in the lowering of blood pressure.Vitamin B2 and B12 found in yogurt also assist in metabolism and good for your hair,nails and skin.

Lowers cholesterol: Yogurt can reduce the blood cholesterol because yogurt binds bile acids and assimilates the cholesterol.

Enhances the body’s immune system: The bacterial cultures in yogurt have been actively shown to stimulate infection-fighting white cells in the bloodstream. Yogurt boosts the immune system, reduces the allergy symptoms and lowers the incidence of upper respiratory infections.

Takes care of your tummy troubles: Yogurt with active cultures soothes the stomach and may help in overcoming various gastrointestinal conditions conditions like Lactose intolerance, Constipation, Diarrhea, Colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases. The probiotics in yogurt balance the microflora in your gut which aids digestion.

Works wonders for your skin: Why to waste money on expensive beauty products when you have one right in your kitchen. Yogurt is excellent for your skin as it smooths and nourishes your skin. It gently exfoliates the top layers of the epidermis, which can remove blemishes and discolorations, and may even reduce fine wrinkles.

Compiled by: Ritu Singh