World`s first mother-to-daughter uterus transplant

Zeenews Bureau

Stockholm: In a significant breakthrough, Swedish doctors, for the first time have carried uterus transplants between a mother and daughter.

Specialists at the University of Gothenburg performed the surgery on two Swedish women over the weekend.

The women, one of whom was born without a womb and the other who had her uterus removed years ago due to cervical cancer, received wombs from their mothers in surgery carried out by more than 10 surgeons in a hospital in western Sweden.

The surgery was completed without any complications but the success of this endeavour will only be known if both the women beget healthy children. Both these women will be under observation before the doctors initiate the process to help them get pregnant via in vitro fertilization, in which embryos created with eggs from their own ovaries will be implanted in their wombs.

They will again be monitored for a year for their response to anti rejection drugs needed to stop their immune systems from attacking the donated wombs. But after two pregnancies, the wombs will be removed so that the women can cease taking the drugs

In the long run these drugs can prove harmful inducing side effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes, swelling, cancer

Though the process involves a lot of risk and a lot of issues have to be addressed before the fetus will be exposed to medicines, the doctors are still willing to take the leap.

Similar kind of transplants were attempted by Turkish and Saudi Arabia but didn’t prove to be completely successful.

Questions have been raised by fertility experts against the usage of rejection drugs, but the Swedish anti-rejection drugs have not proved harmful to fetuses when the mother has undergone other organ transplants. Similar womb transplants have been performed on rats, mice and pigs and they showed no such ill effects.

If this attempt proves successful women across the world who have lost a uterus to cancer or other diseases can hope to become pregnant again.

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