Now, a pill `that can heal osteoporosis`
Last Updated: Monday, February 08, 2010, 00:00

London: In a key breakthrough, scientists claim to have discovered a pill which can reverse the effects of osteoporosis by healing brittle bones.

An international team has claimed that the once-a- day drug, LP533401, can make brittle bones strong again and if taken for six weeks, it can cure osteoporosis in certain cases
and stop it developing in others, the `Daily Mail` reported. Importantly, and unlike most of the osteoporosis drugs already in use, the new pill actually builds new bone, rather than simply slowing the breakdown of old bone.

At present, only one drug, teriparatide, builds new bone, but it has to be injected. But the new drug could be given in pill form, making it a much more attractive option,
the scientists say.

The tests were carried out on animals but the team says that the treatment could one day help humans with fragile bones.

"With tens of millions of people worldwide affected by this devastating and debilitating bone loss, there is an urgent need for new treatments that not only stop bone loss, but also build new bone.

"Using these findings, we are working hard to develop this type of treatment for patients," lead researcher Prof Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University in New York was quoted by the British newspaper as saying.


First Published: Monday, February 08, 2010, 00:00

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