Now, scratch resistant transplants for Arthritis patients
Last Updated: Thursday, April 01, 2010, 00:00

Hyderabad: Arthritis patients can now
heave a sigh of relief as knee and hip transplants can be done
using a ceramic knee which is scratch resistant.

"The knee plant, known as Oxinium Ceramic, is created
through a proprietary manufacturing process and is a
breakthrough in technology in replacements," Dr A V Guruva
Reddy, Managing Director and CEO of Sunshine hospitals and
institute for Joint Replacements and Dr Mark Syder, designer
surgeon from Cincinnati, USA told reporters Thursday.

The ceramic knee design is a knee alloy that provides
improved wear characteristics in knee replacements and could
last twice as long as standard devices, the doctors said.

"Oxinium is a combination of zirconium and niobium.

This joint replacement material is not ceramioc but a metal
alloy treated in such a way that the surface is smooth and has
no risk of metal sensitivity," the doctors said.

In normal standard devices, the plastic gets corrosive
thereby damaging the plastic. This result in lot of people
returning for a revision surgery, they said.

Younger patients, who were advised to wait for
transplants as the limited life span of traditional cobalt
chrome implants, can now undergo surgery with this new knee
replacement, they said.

The surgery would cost around Rs 90,000, the doctors
said adding the joints are available in five centres in India,
including Hyderabad.


First Published: Thursday, April 01, 2010, 00:00

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