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75% seasonal, pandemic flu sufferers have no symptoms

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 11:20

Researchers have said that around 1 in 5 of the population were infected in both recent outbreaks of seasonal flu and the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, but just 23 per cent of these infections caused symptoms.

Targeting glucose can help in fight against seasonal flu

Last Updated: Monday, December 16, 2013, 16:15

A new research has revealed that reducing glucose metabolism dials down influenza viral infection in laboratory cell cultures, providing an entirely new approach for combating seasonal flu.

How flu evolves to escape immunity

Last Updated: Friday, November 22, 2013, 14:45

Researchers have discovered a new way to improve future flu vaccines after finding that seasonal flu is able to escape immunity from vaccines with as little as a single amino acid substitution.

Myths around flu vaccinations debunked

Last Updated: Monday, November 11, 2013, 16:30

A health expert has tried to debunk the myths that surround around common flu shots.

Vitamin D may not help ward off colds

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 03, 2012, 16:31

The association of vitamin D insufficiency and susceptibility to viral respiratory tract infections has been unclear.

Seasonal flu jab linked to increased H1N1 risk

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 07, 2010, 00:00

People vaccinated against seasonal flu appeared to have been at increased risk of the H1N1 pandemic flu that killed thousands worldwide in 2009, Canadian researchers have said.

More Americans wary of seasonal flu, thanks to H1N1

Last Updated: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 00:00

More Americans have been vaccinated against seasonal flu this fall than ever before by this time of year, federal health officials said on Friday.

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