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Deaths from ischaemic stroke due to tobacco use highest in China, India and Russia

Last Updated: Friday, April 04, 2014, 12:33

A new report suggests that deaths from ischaemic stroke (IS) due to tobacco use in China, India, and Russia together are higher than the total for all the world`s other countries combined.

Five-second food rule may be real: Study

Last Updated: Friday, March 14, 2014, 12:14

Biologists have suggested that consuming food dropped on the floor within 5 seconds, which is famously known as the `five-second rule`, is actually fine.

Tobacco primary cause of preventable deaths

Last Updated: Monday, March 10, 2014, 15:32

Pegging the worldwide figure close to five to six million, health experts blame tobacco to be the number one cause of preventable deaths across the entire population, especially youth.

Weekend drinking may not be good for your DNA

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 15:07

A team of researchers, who analysed the effect of weekend alcohol consumption on the lipids comprising cell membrane and its genetic material, have found that doing so may affect their DNA.

Slowing down eating speed reduces hunger

Last Updated: Monday, December 30, 2013, 22:31

A new study by Indian origin researcher has suggested that the ability to control energy intake may be affected by the speed at which we eat, and a high eating rate may impair the relationship between the sensory signals and processes that regulate how much we eat.

Small changes to kids` fast food meals can help cut calorie consumption

Last Updated: Friday, December 20, 2013, 18:54

Researchers have revealed that small changes to common combo meals in places like McDonald`s restaurants can help reduce kids` calorie consumption.

Why non-drinkers have higher mortality rates

Last Updated: Friday, July 19, 2013, 13:13

A new study has explored why non-drinkers have a higher mortality risk than people who are light drinkers.

Chicken consumption during teenage years may help keep colon cancer at bay

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 13:00

Addition of chicken in teenagers` diet will help reduce their risk of developing colon cancer, a new study has suggested.

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