3 ways to prevent wrinkles

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

Doesn’t that first wrinkle line on your face trouble you day and night? Yes, it does. Growing old is inevitable. Ageing is the process that occurs when the body cells fall prey to external elements and wither off. So, don’t just sit and wait, rather indulge yourself in some implausible ways that help you regain that vigour and vitality.

Stay away from sun rays: Since it is winter time and most of us enjoy sitting out and soaking that sun, but sun rays are beneficial only in moderate amounts. The UV rays from the sun are a major cause of wrinkles. 

Eat foods rich in Vitamins: Foods rich in Vitamins especially Vitamins A, C and E are not just beneficial for the skin, but also improve overall health and keeps wrinkles at bay.

Sleep right:  A good night`s sleep of at least eight hours is a must to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free.