5 easy tips to get rid of corns (calluses) in your feet naturally!

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Winter season is here and it also brings the various skin and foot problems. As a matter of fact, most of us think that it is generally one's hair and skin that suffers the most and neglect our feet, which actually suffers due to constant dryness which may give rise to various fungal and bacterial infections and worse even corns or calluses in your feet.

Corns are thick fortress of dead cells which evolve either over or under the skin. Corns or calluses are developed as a result of body’s defense mechanism to protect itself from excessive and repetitive friction be it from shoes, slippers, socks or any other external factor.

Here are five easy tips to indulge in to protect your feet from corns naturally:

-Don't forget to wash your feet with clean water mixed with any antibacterial soaps like dettol or savlon before going to bed at night.

-Applying castor oil can work wonders as it acts as a softener.

-One can also apply cotton soaked in vinegar over the corns and then leave it overnight. The next morning, you will find that the dead cells have softened and then they can be removed using a pumice stone.

-Exfoliate, scrub and moisturize your feet before going to bed to kill bacteria growth and keep fungal infections at bay.

-Avoid wearing tight footwears and also try not to keep your nails long as they attract muck and bacteria thereby leading to fungal infection in the feet.