5 things to avoid after a full meal!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Often one feels lazy and sleepy after a heavy meal. Hence, people indulge in activities such as smoking or having a cup of tea in order to help them digest their food as well as to avoid that drowsy feeling that sneaks in after a meal. However, such habits are not good for health.

Here are some things one should avoid after having a full meal:

No sleeping

One should not sleep after a full meal. If we go off to sleep immediately after a meal, we still feel full even when we got up . Reason is that the meal has not been digested.

No smoking

Smoking immediately after a meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. One should not smoke as smoking is harmful to our body.

No bathing

One should not take bath after a meal as it delays the digestion process. The blood around the stomach flows to other parts of the body during shower instead of helping with digestion.

No fruits

It is often said that one should eat fruits first as they are easy to digest. Fruits should be eaten an hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. Fruits will not be digested properly if you eat them directly after a meal.

No tea

One should not drink tea right after meal as tea leaves are acidic and will affect the digestion process. Drinking tea immediately after a meal will also interfere with iron absorption by the body. Avoid drinking tea one hour before and after meals.