Benefits of coconut oil

Zee Media Bureau/R. Nandini

It won't be an exaggeration to call it 'magic oil' as its multi-purpose usability and several incredible benefits qualify it to be!

Here are a few benefits of coconut oil:

For skin: It deep moisturises the skin giving it a healthy, supple look by removing the dead cells altogether.

For nails: It strengthens nails to sustain the daily exposure to chemicals in the form of nail polish, detergents, pollutants, dirt and even the harmful chemicals used in nail polish remover. Coconut oil provides a shield to the nails, moisturising it and giving it a lovely healthy shine.

For hair: It strengthens and protects your hair like no other hair oil. And the best part is, in India, it is available in abundance that too for dirt cheap price. Go for it if you want to flaunt that long, black, beautiful hair.

For eye lashes: Daily use of this magic oil onto your eye lashes can give you a naturally big and dense lashes.

For cracked heels: Coconut oil is known for its deep conditioning formula and cracked heels are nothing but severely dried dead cells which get accumulated on the skin's surface rendering it a painful, uneven skin texture. Therefore, a daily massage can restore the softness of your heels.

For burns: It soothes the skin and helps regain its lost color and texture. The conditioning agents present in coconut oil helps keeping the area well moisturised for quick healing.

For cooking: Now that's a well-known use of it, but it's time you know the secret behind its widespread use. Coconut oil has high amount of saturated fat, it is cholesterol free, improves the metabolism rate and enhances the taste of dishes cooked with it. Apart from all this, it is said to aid weight loss.

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