Best tips to prevent common illnesses during monsoon!

Updated: Jun 20, 2013, 19:21 PM IST

Monsoon season is awaited by everyone as it brings some kind of relief from the scorching heat of summer. But this season also has its share of woes on our health due to sudden change of weather, fluctuation in temperature and the highly humid air. The non-stop spell and the stagnant water also give rise to the formation of mosquitoes and several types of illnesses during this time.

The most common monsoon diseases are:


Cold and flu


Food infection

Water infection


Leptospirosos – is a bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. Its severe form can cause organ failure, meningitis and respiratory failure.

However, with proper care and precautions, you and your loved ones can keep these diseases at bay.

Below are the best tips to help you stay fit during the monsoons:

- Cleanliness is the most important thing during rainy season. Wash your hands regularly using soap or hand wash. Use a sanitizer after that.

-Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body. This will also help you stay fully hydrated throughout the day.

-Poor hygiene practice causes diarrhoea. Maintain good personal hygiene to protect yourself from it. Fruits, vegetables and other eatables should be washed thoroughly with clean water before consuming. Parents should see to it that their kids wash their hands properly before eating.

-Increase intake of Vitamin C either in natural form or as food supplements as it helps in fighting colds.

-Take hot drinks such as vegetable soup, hot milk, ginger tea, etc to help you from catching cold. This will also save you from getting any kind of infection occurring due to sudden change of temperature of the body.

-Limit intake of coffee during monsoons as it tends to dehydrate the fluids in your body.

-One should not enter air-conditioned room with wet hair and damp clothes to prevent getting viral fever or cold and cough.

-Go for a shower immediately if you got wet in the rain to protect yourself from infections.

-Keep your house clean and pest-free during the monsoons.

-Use bed nets while sleeping to prevent malaria due to mosquito bites. Mosquito repellent creams are often recommended as it is the most effective bite preventive treatment.

-Avoid eating street-side food or water to guard yourself from getting typhoid. Also drink lots of healthy fluids. Try consuming foods prepared in good hygienic conditions while travelling.

Have a healthy monsoon.

Compilation by: Salome Phelamei