Bid adieu to cracked heels!

By Bharti Taneja | Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014, 08:36 AM IST

Often while in the quest for making thyself beautiful, we tend to ignore our feet, making them slightly less-pampered parts of the body. But, the most neglected parts emerge as our heels – which suffer a lot due to heat, sweat, mud and more making the problem of cracked heels common. Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of Alps Beauty Clinics, Ms Bharti Taneja, reveals some useful tips for a clean, smooth and well-maintained set of heels.

Cleanliness is Prevention: Also, as the most common reason for cracked heels is lack of cleanliness of feet; therefore, it is important to indulge in through ritual of toe-cleaning daily while bathing to maintain hygiene and smoothness together for the feet. It also becomes important to wash your feet, as soon as you reach back home, followed by applying a nice foot cream or petroleum jelly (in winters); before you go to sleep in order to maintain a healthy set of toes.

Paraffin Solution: It is also recommended to take frequent paraffin-wax pack at an expert salon to give your feet a soft and velvety finish. You can take this pack every time along your monthly pedicure session at a professional salon. But, if you have excessive problem of cracked heels – you may take at least one paraffin wax sitting per week , 5-6 sittings would suffice to help. 

Pedicure Power: Indulging yourself in regular pedicure sessions at an expert salon also helps in keeping the problem of cracked heels at a distance. You can opt for Cleopatra Pedicure - done using milk and rose petals to rejuvenate the skin with a cooling effect. It involves dipping your feet in milk as which has bleaching properties to make your toes fairer as well. The rose petals’ soften the skin and the moisturizing effect of milk relieves dryness off your feet. You may also go for a Tea-Tree Pedicure; especially, in monsoons – which bring along the worries of water-borne infections and allergies on the feet to keep fungal infections as well as cracked heels at bay. The pedicure is known to be antiseptic and antifungal in nature and hence, makes your feet do away from sensitivity issues while turning your toes smoother and softer.

Pamper your paws:

Give your feet a dose of relaxation too. Take a brisk walk on the green grass of any nearby park – preferably in morning. This is sure to improve the quality of your vision while endowing your paws with a wholesome refreshment of nature. Besides, you should also avoid hanging you legs for longer duration as it may result into restrictive blood circulation. You may also try relaxing your leg muscles by placing them onto a pillow while sleeping in order to eventually, pamper your feet.

Rescue remedies!

To infuse some amount of smoothness back to your rugged heels, you can certainly try few home remedies. You may indulge in following home-made pedicure every week to deep-cleanse your feet and keep cracked toes at bay. Prepare a mixture by adding one teaspoon shampoo, one teaspoon table-salt along with few drops of antiseptic liquid in a two litres of warm water. Now, soak your feet in it for 10 minutes; scrub-off the dead skin using pumice stone and rinse-off with warm water. After your feet get dry, massage it using a moisturizing-cream and sleep-on with socks for overnight to get ramp-ready feet the very next morning.

*For infusing some more brightness to your feet, prepare a mixture containing equal amount of glycerin, rose water and lemon juice. Now, apply this after thoroughly washing your feet and rinse-off to reveal fairer and brighter looking skin.

*You can also use waste candles to say good bye to cracked heels. Just create a mixture by heating the candle wax with equal amount of mustard oil – so that it emerges as a thick mixture. Fill your heels with this mixture to wave off your worries!