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Clothes causing skin allergies? Here's how you can make smarter choices!

Mostly, people tend to look at the style and design of the clothing item, more than the material.

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​New Delhi: Everyone loves buying clothes. Retail therapy is, afterall, something that everyone loves to indulge in.

Mostly, however, people tend to look at the style and design of the clothing item, more than the material.

It's only when the clothing causes itchiness and gives you that scratchy feeling, is when you feel that the material isn't any good.

Especially now, when the winter season is in full swing – sweaters do tend to make our skin itchy and scratchy.

They're called clothing allergies. Have you ever wondered what you can do to avoid that and NOT have red patches on various parts of your skin where you've scratched yourself silly? Make smarter choices while buying clothes, of course! We'll tell you how!

1. Wash your clothes:

Keeping your clothes clean is the first and foremost thing you need to do in order to avoid clothing allergies. A piece of advise: When you buy new clothes, put them for a wash before wearing.

2. Clothes with natural fibers:

Buy clothes that are made of natural fabrics, for example, pure cotton and pure linen.

3. Clothing labels:

Look at the clothing labels or tags when you're buying them. If the tag says “Wash separately”, “Do not iron”, or “Dirt repellant”, that could mean that the fabric contains chemical dye or have been, in some way, chemically treated, which can cause skin allergies.

4. Fitting:

Wearing that tight fitted dress for that party seems like a good idea, but going for a fitted top for everyday wear? You might want to give that a second thought. The friction from tight clothes on your skin may cause allergies, which you probably don't realize initially.

5. Dyed clothes:

Dyed clothes means chemicals and chemicals inevitably means skin allergies. Wear clothes that are light colored and have less or no dye in it because those colouring agents are definitely not good for your skin.

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