Diwali: Precautionary measures for asthma patients

Zee Media Bureau/Liji Varghese

Despite repeated environmental and health warnings, most of us cannot do without bursting crackers. But then, not all are blessed with good health to observe and enjoy the beautiful colours of bursting in the evening sky.

With highly sensitive airway, a slight increase in the air pollutants can spell trouble for asthma patients.

Here are a few preventive measures that an asthma patient should take:

  1. Stay away from the cleaning drive:  Diwali is the time when most people clean up their houses and give it a makeover with new paints and colours. The best advice for you is to stay as far as possible from the area where dusting and cleaning is happening.
  2. Avoid firecrackers:  Crackers emit dangerous pollutants like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, manganese and even cadmium that can trigger severe bronchial asthma.
  3. Try to be indoors: Avoid going out before, during and after the occasion. Diwali celebrations start way in advance and the pollutants stay in the air much after the celebrations are over. Wear a mask whenever you wish to go out.
  4. Keep inhaler handy: It is very important to keep it near all the time so that you at least have the first aid ready in case of an emergency. If you are on medication then keep it regular.
  5. Say no to unhealthy food: Eat plenty of salads and fruits. Avoid greasy, spicy food and aerated drinks.
  6. Despite taking medication if you notice any acute symptoms like cough, wheezing and breathlessness immediately consult a doctor.