Dos and don’ts for your winter skin care!

A little chill in the air and a slight sensation of dryness on the skin – and, we know, winters are here.

Gunjan Gaur

A little chill in the air and a slight sensation of dryness on the skin – and, we know, winters are here. Although, over the years we have learnt a lot about skin care during this season – still there are certain aspects which need to be revisited every year to make sure you remain all beautiful and cheery in this weather of fall too! Ms. Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, reveals all what your need to do and not during the season of cold wave.

Be sun-safe:

Most of us believe that sunscreen should only be used in summers to protect the skin from tanning. But not many know that, winter sun too can damage the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to apply broad spectrum sunscreen with UV and PA+++ protection in winters on your face and other exposed parts of body. Make sure you apply the sun protection cream 30 minutes before stepping out of the house to save your grace.

Ban steaming hot water:

A hot water bath feels very appealing in cold days as it soothes the senses. But as tempting it might feel, it robs the skin’s natural oils and making it drier. So, it is recommended to bathe in lukewarm water instead of steaming hot water to keep dryness at bay. The lukewarm water will not only give you the warmth but will keep your refreshed and energized for the whole-day-long.

Creams over moisturizers:

Slathering rich creams are rather recommended than applying moisturizing lotions in winters, as the cream are generally oil-based and hence, form a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture during the chill. These creams deeply moisturize the skin while nourishing the skin from within. Also, these are long lasting in nature and therefore can spare you from the process of reapplying again and again.

Oil for a short-span:

While it is important to oil your body, it is not necessarily important to keep it oiled for overnight. A 10 minute oiling session before your bath would suffice the nourishment needs of the skin. So, just catch hold of any baby oil or olive oil bottle and get started! Performing this on regular basis is sure to keep your skin soft, supple and smooth.

Acne panic:

Acne is not only restricted for summers; people encounter pimple-problems in winters too. Though, this time it must not be because of the over-oiliness of the face, but the culprit is, dandruff. So, the next time you see a zit pop-up on your face, be ready to blame your shampoo and swap it with an anti-dandruff one. If you are already using one; try changing the brand to wave off your woes.