Essentials for your restroom

It’s a world of rush and often in hurry we tend to forget even our most basic beauty rituals – may be because of our cosmetics/toiletry being not available in washroom all the time! Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert, suggests a few products to be kept in your restroom, at any cost.

Morning Essentials: For a perfect CTMP (Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting) ritual – you need to keep a facewash, toner, moisturizer and sun-block of the brands suitable to your skin type.

Night Routine: To not forget removing all traces of makeup right before you head to bed – equip your restroom with a cleansing lotion, facial foam and a nourishing night cream.

Weekly Wonders: Once in a week cleanup is a must for every skin type. Therefore, a good quality scrub and mask should be set aside your other bathroom cosmetics to be your reminder too!

Hair Care: Although, they must be already there but if you have a habit of keeping your hair products – shampoos, conditioners and serums onto your dressing table, your should curb it. This will save you morning time besides turning every day to a “good hair day”!

Regular must-haves: Moreover, accessories like; a loofah to scrub the dead skin off, a foot scrubber & pumice stone for a happy feet along with the regulars such as; a soap and body wash, talc, deodorant etc, should always be there in the toilet.

Also, do not forget to keep checking your products for their expiry date and replacing them accordingly. Keeping them in bathroom gives you ample time to do so; isn’t it!

(The author is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic)

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