Feeling drained? Try these DIY massage tips for instant energy!

This is how you can give a massage to yourself.

Zee Media Bureau/Udita Madan

New Delhi: Isn't the feeling of someone giving you a massage one of the best feelings ever? If you feel the same way, this one's for you!

A fast-paced life, as is symbolic of the 21st century, comes packaged with loads of stress and anxiety, which may take a toll on your health, if not looked into on time.

At this stage, most people are heard saying that they need a good, relaxing massage and resort to spending huge amounts of money at exorbitant spa's and massage parlours.

It can be argued that a massage feels good when done by someone else on your body. However, to destress immediately, to recharge, rejuvenate and re-energize yourself, you can take matters into your own hands and give yourself an equally good massage.

How? Read on below!

1. Neck and shoulder massage: This is one of the most common places on the body where the effects of high levels of stress congregate. All you have to do is put your hand on your back right below the neck and make circular movements using fingertips on either side of the spine. Increase the pressure a little after the first couple of movements around the neck and the base of the skull.

2. Head/Scalp massage: A head and scalp massage works wonders in relieving tension in the forehead by improving blood circulation. The best thing about a head massage is that you can do it anywhere, while sitting in your office or watching TV. To perform the massage, place fingers of both hands on the forehead. Make sure your fingers meet one another at an imaginary line at the center of the forehead while your thumbs rest on your temples to provide support. Put pressure on the forehead for a few seconds and then release it. Do the same on the entire head.

3. Foot massage: Just hearing the words makes you long for one, right? And why not? After all, your feet carry the most burden by carrying you around. Feet are among the easiest parts of your body to self-massage, and it's something you can do anywhere. Hold the bottom of the foot with both your hands. Now rub the top of the foot as you move down to the sole of the foot. Apply more pressure as you get closer to the sole. After a while, reverse the directions and rub your foot slowly as you go up.

4. Facial massage: To give yourself a facial massage, use your fingertips to draw little circles along your hairline, cheekbones, above your eyebrows, and along the jaw line. Gently rub your ears and earlobes between your fingertips. Facial massage is important because it makes your face glow, reduces wrinkles, tones skin and takes away tiredness.

Do try these DIY massages to get rid of stress and anxiety so that you remain energized throughout the day!

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