Fight ageing with these superb skin treatments

In today’s modern world, where pollution is invading into the deepest layers of our skin – the importance of facials is inevitable. Also, as it’s never late to start taking care of your skin, you may indulge into one by opting amongst various kinds of facials available today according to your skin’s need and type. Bharti Taneja, Expert Cosmetologist and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics shares two anti-ageing skin treatments for you. 

RRR Facial:

It is amongst the successful skin treatments to combat signs of skin ageing. As the three R’s imply – this facial rehydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. So, if you encounter sagging or loss of elasticity on your skin, due to age or any other factor, this treatment is sure to prove beneficial by treating such issues.

How it works?

The elements involved in this treatment boost the collagen production in the skin cells making you do away with early signs of ageing. This process involves exfoliating and enhancing the fabrication of new cells for faster renewal of your skin which shows off! The facial is done using micro-massager or uplifting machine which uplifts your face while making the saggy skin firm and elastic. In the end, a face mask called ‘young-skin’ mask is applied all over your face containing 95% of collagen. This works as a great skin-food and rehydrates your skin as well improving its firmness and flexibility.

Photo Facial:

The process of Photo Facial takes around 60 minutes and starts with thorough cleansing of the skin; like any other facial. This treatment is often done by a professional doctor who follows the process of Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) and infuses light rays called 'xenon' deeper inside your skin. It enhances the production of collagen – a protein found underneath your skin and responsible for its flexibility. This procedure increases upto 50% production of collagen in your cells, while preventing maturing skin’s issues; such as, wrinkles and fine lines, saggy skin to occur on your face keeping it firmness enact. Also, this improves the cellular activity of the skin and decreases melanin formation for keeping brown spots etc, at bay. This also augments the action of nourishing elements inside the skin layers eventually, making it appear better in texture. Also, it is responsible for boosting the regeneration process of the cells. This treatment concludes along with applying a ‘young-skin’ mask again for a smoother, firmer skin.

How it works?

This facial lightens the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin glow by removing spots of ageing on your face. Moreover, the treatment can also be used for making loose skin tighter, by implementing a latest technology using light. Besides slowing down signs of early ageing, this facial also removes pigmentation spots upto a great extent. 

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