Five tips to avoid holiday weight gain!

Know some tips to avoid holiday weight gain!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: It is that time of the year when you say goodbye to office work for some days and plan your vacation. So, when you go out on a holiday, binging becomes a habit. Likewise, healthy lifestyle habits takes a backseat.

Who's is the culprit? Well, lack of any physical activity can result in weight gain while you party hard!

Here are some tips to avoid holiday weight gain:

Watch what you eat

It might sound funny but one should keep a track of what they have eaten throughout the day. This way of self-monitoring will make you more aware while picking up stuff. You can also avoid weight gain by ignoring fatty food.

Stop and enjoy

Stop the pattern of not allowing yourself from eating that favorite food as it will lead to binge eating. Instead, allow yourself to eat it mindfully, sitting down and savoring each delicious bite.

Plan ahead

One should always plan ahead of what they should eat as doing so will help them to keep their weight in check.

Stay active

Besides having a ball during your holiday, also try to fight off the urge to skip workouts. One should make exercise a priority as it will help keep your blood sugar levels stable and to burn off some extra stress.

Make sleep a priority

Quality sleep is very important as lack of it can set you up to crave more carbohydrates during the day. Try to stick with your regular sleep times and go to bed early if possible.

Happy Holidaying, readers!


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