Five ways to avoid acne

Acne is a bane. These skin imperfections often leave us under-confident and with lower self-esteem. Reasons for their origination may vary from genetic to hormonal to constipation – the pimple-problem is encountered by each of us at some point of our lives. Anyways, every time a pimple pops up, it totally ruins your day – especially if it's right before a big date! Don’t panic, as Executive Director, Alps, Gunjan Gaur comes to rescue and tells how to keep your complexion acne-free all year long.  

Tone Down: Toning is a must if you want get rid of acne from roots. This closes open pores of your skin making break-outs less prone. Prepare an effective homemade toner – boil few leaves of pudina (mint leaves) in two glasses of water and drain when half of it evaporates. Cool it, store in refrigerator and use after every face wash.

Bye Blackheads: Yes, saying no to blackheads is very important in order to prevent break-outs; as they occur when former have an encounter with oil and dirt. Therefore, indulging into a thorough blackhead removal session at a good salon through professional hands regularly will make your skin less prone to pimples and acne – making way for a healthy skin.

‘Treat’wise: But if you are someone looking for a fast and forever solution for curing for acne problem, you may opt for Clinical Skin Treatments such as Ozone or Laser therapies available nowadays. These treatments heal the skin from within by acting as antiseptic and therefore preventing their further formation. Laser also helps in regeneration of a problem-free, new skin.

Hygiene First: But, before you go all gaga over the issue; try some self-curing by keeping all that comes/touches to your skin clean and fresh. For this, use clean brushes and sponges; and discard every old cosmetic product before it expires. This will save your skins – by preventing acne from spreading all over your face.

Extra check: Zits are often the outcome of dandruff. Therefore, keep your dandruff in check by using dandruff controlling shampoo or consult a doctor if the problem persists. Also, it is advisable to stay away from oily food and drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. Water consumption will keep constipation at bay – and hence, acne too!

(The author is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic)

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