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Home remedies to get rid of skin tan

Summer is here with all its heat, sweat and high humidity levels which can seriously damage your skin. A lot of care has to be taken in order to avoid beauty woes like body tanning. During summers one tends to get sun burns and also one’s skin tends to become dry due to overexposure to the sun. Studies suggest that tanning can cause acne or pimple and premature aging symptoms in the form of wrinkles.

Sun tanning is a process which occurs when the skin is over exposed to sunlight. Tanning occurs when there is increased production of melanin in the skin which comes up when the UV rays come in contact with skin.

Here is a handy guide of some best homemade packs to keep your skin glowing and healthy this summer:

- Cucumber juice and rose water pack: Take some rose water, cucumber juice and a dash of lemon juice in a bowl, now mix it all well. Apply this paste once a day to effectively reduce tan and see the difference yourself.

- Lime juice and honey pack: Take equal amounts of honey and lime juice and apply it directly on the tanned skin. Keep the pack for few minutes and then wash it off with cold water. It works wonders.

- Yogurt: Yes, yoghurt is an excellent ingredient to efficiently remove that tan and is also easily available. Apply a little yogurt on your skin, keep it for some time and then wash it off.

-Aloe vera gel: It has wonder benefits when it comes to skin as just by rubbing little amount of aloe vera gel you can get rid of tan in just about 2-3 months of regular use. Not just this, it is also helpful in curing blisters, insect bites eczema etcetera.

-Raw papaya pack: Grate a little raw papaya and use it as a mask on your skin regularly for 2-3 months. It effectively removes tan and will eventually lead to fairer complexion.

- Turmeric and milk pack: This pack is another easy home remedy for tanned skin. All you have to do is to take a dash of turmeric, lemon juice, and now add a little raw milk to it. Apply this paste on the affected skin area and leave until it dries. Now, wash off with cold water. Your skin will feel more soothing and relaxed.

Lastly, a tip that will always work is to be well hydrated by drinking ample amount of water and beat the heat.

Compilation by: Shruti Saxena

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