How to combat signs of ageing

The wheel of time doesn’t stop for anyone – and, with growing time our age grows too, leaving signs of ageing on both our body and face. The first ever outcome that we encounter is fine lines, which gradually covert into wrinkles and ageing become visible on your skins sooner than it should be. Also, pigmentation, dark spots, freckles along with sagging of skin makes things difficult for us. But, no worries, as putting an end to your dilemma, Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms Gunjan Gaur, shares some easy-to-implement tips to keep signs of ageing at bay.

Eat Healthy:

Yes, what you eat shows up on your face, therefore it is very important to consume healthy and nutrient-rich foods only. If you are healthy from inside the skin automatically glows. And, if your skin is glowing, you are sure to hide signs of ageing on your face in no time. The secret lies in what you eat daily. Fast foods, junk foods, caffeine are highly processed making your skin lose its youth sooner than ever. Vitamins and fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc, make your skin look beautiful, healthy and radiant.

Practice Yoga/Meditation:

Breathing exercises and stretching involved in yoga are known to have skin restoring properties as these aids the blood circulation in the body while making your skin glow. Therefore, it is advisable to indulge in basic level, yogic practices, as soon as one reaches 20’s. You can also go for Facial Yoga for toning facial muscles – it is full of anti-aging secrets that can help you to look young forever. Facial yoga is a highly beneficial, fast and easy way to restore the contour of your face. So, make sure to take out some time in the morning for this four word miracle – called yoga.

Remove all traces:

You must have been listening to this advice since ages – but for forever younger looking skin, make sure to remove all traces of your makeup before you hit bed. This lets your skin breathe after the whole day’s hustle-bustle that may have resulted in to stress – hence, skin ageing. Removing all traces of makeup with a non-alcoholic makeup remover, followed by mild washing of the face is the route towards youthful skin.

Get pampered with AHA Facial:

AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are the fruit extracts that remove the dead and worn out cells and hence, keeping your skin young and glowing. AHA’s natural extracts are one of the most potent defoliators and regenerator of skin cells. Therefore, this facial helps to remove all traces of dead skin, exposing fresh and young looking skin underneath. The technique is absolutely safe using laser and ultra sonic devices to impregnate AHA creams into deeper layers of skin for quicker, surer and faster results. But make sure you get it done at a very professional environment of an expert salon only.

Don’t Skip Night Creams:

Night creams/serums are meant for cell-renewal process as your skin regenerates new cells during the night. These creams are known to slow-down one’s ageing process by working on it for overnight. Therefore, soon after you wash all your makeup off at night; make sure to pat-on some collagen containing serum or night creams on your face. The ones with AHA content are best applied before you head towards your bed as they boost the production of collagen on your skin – making way for better skin elasticity. 

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