How to stay active throughout the day at work!

Sitting for long hours at work can make you quite fatigue and tiring. It is obvious that after spending your whole day sitting at desk, your body gets exhausted by the time you leave for home. So you just hop in your car and drive home, collapse on the couch to relax for the rest of the evening.

If you fall under the above category, then you are at risk for various health issues, such as including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. However, for those who find time for gym or workout after work, the good news is that they are off the hook.

Even if your work demands sitting on a chair throughout the day, you should find ways where you can break away and incorporate some mild physical activity into your daily routine.

This will not just keep you fit and active, but will also help you perform your job better. Here are some of the best tips that can realistically be squeezed into your work timings, so that you stay active throughout the day:

Be active on your way to office: If you drive, do not park your car inside your office premises or too close to the entrance. Instead, park further away from your office and take a walk to reach your work place.

If you take public transport, then try getting off, say one or two stops before your normal stop, to walk that extra way.

Don’t just sit during lunch break: You should not use your entire lunch break for sitting. Manage your time in such a way that you use half of the time to eat and other half to do a mild workout like a brisk walk after your lunch. You will feel much better after this. You can also encourage your colleagues to join in.

Walk around the office: Sitting down all day not just adds pounds to your body, but can also lead to poor posture and exhaustion. It is also bad for your health. Get up and walk around the office for 2-3 minutes or at least stretch. Repeat this whenever you feel like.

Take stairs instead of elevator: You should know that with fitness every move counts. Take stairs to walk up to your desk or walk down to exit. Use elevators only when you do not have any other option.

Stand while talking on phone: Don’t just sit and talk on the phone. Standing burns 50% more calories than sitting.

Talk to your colleagues face to face: There are files, documents you need to deliver to your colleagues/ bosses. Take a walk and hand over those files by yourself if the recipient is in the same building rather than sending it through delivery boy or someone else. Also, do not e-mail or call to arrange meetings, instead you can go and speak to them directly.

Compiled by: Salome Phelamei

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