It's break time! Travel for a happier, healthier you

Travelling, as considered by most people, is a welcome break needed from the realities and stressful scenarios of the phenomenon called life.

Udita Madan

Travelling, as considered by most people, is a welcome break needed from the realities and stressful scenarios of the phenomenon called life. Every once in a while, you may have heard or might have just found yourself thinking that you need a break. And what better way to do that than travel? Absolutely nothing.

Travel provides you with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment when your body sends you the red signal, which tells you that you need a much needed break from that routine life. This 'break', incidentally, also has a lot of health benefits, apart from providing you with the mental and physical boost that your body obviously needs.

Yes, you heard that right! Everyone loves to travel. Research continually shows that people who feel fulfilled are not only happier, but they also live longer! Trips provide new experiences, adventures, and memories that last a lifetime. However, not only is travel fun, but it provides a variety of unexpected personal and health benefits as well.

So here we point out a few advantages of travel and why it is good for you!

 1. When you get dirty, you improve your physical health:

Surprised? It has been reported that our modern obsession with cleanliness might be leading to a rise in allergies, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. Getting soiled could just be the best course of action to developing a powerful immune system. Going on trips and adventures means getting dirty — and healthier. So just shed your inhibitions and let yourself go with the flow!

2. Outdoor activities can prevent (or treat) a wide range of health problems:

Doctors around the country are now handing out “park prescriptions” for conditions ranging from heart disease to obesity to attention deficit disorder. So, never say never to activities like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, etc., because that just might be what your body needs.

3. Take a hike, get a bigger brain:

Good news for those who feel they are a victim to writer's block or just can't seem to get enough ideas. Research indicates that hiking or walking grows brains. Typically, your hippocampus gets smaller once you hit your mid fifties, leading to memory loss. Hiking adventures will keep you mentally sharp.

4. Going on adventures raises your tolerance for uncertainty:

If you are travelling, don't shy away from adventure travel. Placing yourself in scenarios where things don’t always go as planned — such as on an adventure trip — helps you cope with the uncertainties in life.

5. Travel feeds your dreams and builds your confidence:

The one thing that’s certain about travelling to prominent nature spots is that it soon becomes addictive. Your soul quickly calls for more. And each time you go, you find yourself changing. Adventures and travel boost your confidence and with each consecutive one, you challenge yourself just a little bit more.

So, go on. Explore. Dream. Discover.  

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