Karva Chauth: Easy tips to fast right

So, Karva Chauth is here and almost all the ladies have planned as to what will they wear, jewellery, make-up and almost everything. Karva Chauth is one festival that all married woman looks forward to every year.

Shruti Saxena

So, Karva Chauth is here and almost all the ladies have planned as to what will they wear, jewellery, make-up and almost everything. Karva Chauth is one festival that all married woman looks forward to every year.

It is one of the most difficult fast to be observed by a woman as unlike other fasts, one has to fast day long without even taking a sip of water. The fast is not just about looking glamorous and as one has to fast all day long, it might take a toll on the health.

While one is fasting, lot of toxins are released from the body which makes one feel lethargic, moody or even grumpy due to lack of energy. So, for a healthy fasting it is important to be prepared a week ahead.

Here are some fasting do's and dont's, which, if followed can minimise the side effects of fasting.

Before the fast

The sargi: While having your sargi early in the morning, make sure not to eat a lot of sugary food as they tend to increase hunger pangs later in the day. Instead try eating protein rich food as it is a healthy option and will keep you full throughout the day.

Nuts: Eating nuts early in the morning is a good option as they are a rich source of protein and other essential fats and will leave you feeling full for a longer time.

Milk: Drinking a glass of lukewarm milk along with some above mentioned food is also a good idea.

During the fast

Fruits: If it is your first fast or you are pregnant, it is quite likely that you might feel hungry later in the day. So, one can eat a bowl of fresh fruits like apples, watermelon and cucumbers as they provide essential nutrients needed by the body.

Divert your attention: The key is to keep yourself busy with friends, office work or low energy household work so that you are not constantly thinking about you not eating. You can go out for a movie with friends or go to a spa and pamper yourself.

After the fast

Tea/Coffee is a no-no: Immediately after breaking the fast, it is generally observed that people drink tea. But, it is not a good idea as having tea on an empty stomach raises the acidity levels and causes stomach pain and uneasiness. Instead take a fizzy drink first and then eat something.

Avoid fried/oily food: Eating oily and fried food can back fire as after day long fasting, the acidity level in the body increases leaving you feeling bloated and nauseous. So, opt for healthier options and light food. In case you plan to dine out make sure you stick to salads and healthy food.

Drink water, juices: After breaking the fast and having food, it is also important to consume at least 2-3 glasses of water to replenish the system and to avoid dehydration. Drinking lemonade is also a healthy option.

Eat Yoghurt: Eating yoghurt is a good option as it contains important minerals like potassium, calcium, protein and B vitamins. Most important of all it contains good bacteria which helps in absorption of nutrients in the intestines after day long fasting.


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