Let the night bestow you with beauty!

We’ve been lending our ears for this reiterated advice of taking the make-up off our skins along with following a proper night care regime from our closest of friends, acquaintances in kitties and various beauty professionals. But, how important is it to remove all traces of cosmetics and what all you can do to enhance your beauty before hitting the bed – reveals our Beauty Expert and Director of Alps Beauty Clinic, Ms Bharti Taneja. Read on to discover the real advantages of your “beauty-sleep”.

The CTMN Compulsion: Just as you start-off your mornings – a proper ritual of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing and/or Nourishing (CTMN) should be followed even when the sun sets, as your skin tends to replenish and regenerate its cells while you are asleep. Just incept with wiping your makeup off using a cotton ball dipped in cleansing milk – which is sure to remove all the grease, grime and traces of beauty products applied, followed by using a toner that suits your skin. End, up with a moisturizer according to your skin and the season – and get ready for your nap. In case, you have extra-dry skin use a nourishing cream. Remember, how well you pamper your skin, shows off on the very other day, when you get up after a sleep.

Shower Power: Take a nice shower, beneficial especially is summers, as the season turns us all sweaty and tired till the day ends. The nice bath would refresh your senses and soothe your nerves while leaving-on a cooling sensation on your body. Besides, it will also make you do away with all the germs accumulated on the body due to sweat, dust and dirt all-day. Hence, you are more likely to arouse refreshingly revived after a good night’s sleep! Also, don’t’ forget to brush your teeth before you jump on to sleep, to keep tooth decay and bad mouth odour at bay.

Wish Good Night to Skin Problems!: Yes!, if you are a victim of certain skin issues such as; under-eye dark circles, pimple marks, dark/chapped lips – the “graveyard shift” is best time to heal and rejuvenate these. You may apply a lip-balm or fresh milk-cream mixed with honey and rose petals on your lips to get rid of darkened lips; put few drops of oil on your belly-button, if you have dry lips. For getting rid of ugly dark-circles, just take a half teaspoon of almond oil, add few drops of orange oil, massage for five minutes and keep overnight. This will soothe and brighten your around eye area. But, if you are not able to do so, settle down with just using vitamin-E oil; a great remedy for puffiness and sunken eyes too. For, pimple marks extract juice from the paste of fresh mint and neem leaves, apply its juice and leave overnight for a scar-free skin.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)

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