Monthly Self Breast Exam

Conducting a regular basis of monthly self breast examination can also help prevent breast cancer as the process assists in detecting the disease at an early stage. Dr Vatsala, General Surgeon, shares some important guidelines with that women can practice and check their breasts for any changes being developed such as lumps or thickenings. So, save your life and lead a healthy life by performing the following procedures:

Monthly Self breast exam

Facing a mirror

Stand before a mirror with clothes off and compare both breasts for differences in size, nipple inversion, bulging, or dimpling. Note any skin or nipple changes, such as a hard mass or single nipple discharge.

Looking at your breasts in the following manner helps to note subtle dimpling of the skin

-With your arms hanging on your side
-With your arms overhead
-With your hands on hips, press hands on hips
-Bent forward

Lying down

-Place a pillow under your left shoulder
-Keep the left hand under your head and relax, use your right hand to palpate the left breast
-Move with small, circular motions from the nipple to the outer margins
-Gently squeeze the nipple for any secretions
-Similarly repeat on the other side

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