Say goodbye to cracked heels

Our feet- the most overworked and often the most ignored part of our body bear the entire burden we carry with us. Besides, their close contact with ground and eventually, dust and mud makes it more vulnerable for cracked heels. Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinics, share the mantras to make your feet beautiful…and heels smoother in no time.

Cleaner is Better: A major reason of cracked heels is lack of cleanliness of feet. Therefore, make sure to indulge in home-made pedicure every month. For this, add one teaspoon shampoo, one teaspoon table-salt along with few drops of antiseptic liquid in a two litres of warm water. Soak your feet in it for 10 minutes; scrub-off the dead skin using a pumice stone and rinse-off. When it dries, massage with moisturizing cream and sleep-on with socks for overnight to catch hold of fantastic feet, the very next morning!

Paraffin Power: It is also advisable to keep taking paraffin-wax sittings at a reputed salon to remove tan as well as to endow your feet with a soft, velvety finish. It removes the uppermost, dead layer of the skin while revealing glistening feet.

Take Care: Relaxing is not only good for your health but can work wonders for your toes too! Give a soothing treat to your feet by taking a brisk walk in a park’s lush green grass. This will not only revive your feet, but is also known to help improve your vision. Apart from this, avoid sitting postures that involves hanging your legs for long; and try sleeping with your feet on a pillow to relax your legs.

Homely-Touch: For infusing smoothness onto your feet, try these super home remedies. Prepare a mixture containing equal amount of glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and apply after thoroughly washing your feet to encounter faster and brighter effects in a jiffy!

Prevention is Cure: Besides all above measures, avoid wearing high heels and very tight/over-fit shoes, sandals and socks to prevent ulcers and pits to occur. Also, bring out your petroleum jelly and apply overnight to fill-in the cracks of feet; and hence making way for happy feet!

(The author is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic)

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