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Seven easy ways to prevent common eye problems

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-Limit exposure to ultra violet rays. Wear shades, hats if working outdoors to protect against harmful UV light which can cause muscular degeneration and cataracts.

-Prevent eyestrain: Take breaks in between if you are working in front of computer all day at work as eye strain can cause dry eyes leading to dizziness.

-Eat nutritious food that is good for the eyes. Studies show vitamins and antioxidants can prevent, or at least slow the pace of degeneration and cataracts.

-Go for eye check-up if there`s any vision problem. Wear proper contact lenses or spectacles as per the need to avoid risk of further eye damage.

-While reading, use the right light as dimmed light can cause eye fatigue.

-If you are living a very stressful life, take time out from your work schedule; soak in the bath, yoga or massage. If you are always tired, try to get more sleep.

-For diabetic patients, controlling the blood and sugar levels can prevent the blur vision. A blurred vision person should take healthy diet rich in Vitamin A which is considered best for the eyes. For hypertensive patients, the blood pressure should be maintained under normal level.

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