Suffering from severe headache? Try these five yoga poses!

Relieve headache with the help of these simple yoga poses.

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Do you often feel that pounding in your head? That pounding is nothing but headache. It has become very common and usually happens because of dehydration, tension, stress or a hangover. Well, one can relieve its symptoms with the help of simple yoga poses.

Here are some yoga poses to relieve headache:

Seated spinal twist

This pose helps in getting rid of headache and back pain as it increases the flexibility in upper body while stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also improves your posture and spine mobility.

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Cat pose

Cat pose

This pose helps you get rid of headache as it relieves tension in the spine, shoulders and neck. It also boosts circulation in the upper body.

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Child's pose

Child's pose can be the most powerful remedy for stress, anxiety and headaches. This pose helps us to quiet our mind while releasing tension from the back and shoulders.

Upside-down seal

Upside-down seal

Upside-down seal is one of the best pose for headache and anxiety. It helps us to quiet mind which further prevents and reduces the impact of headaches.

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Deep breathing

Deep breathing

One of the best and easy pose of yoga is deep breathing. Breathing make us get relieved from severe headache by releasing tension in the shoulders and bring more oxygen into the brain.

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