The `nine to five` Beauty

Professional skills and personal appearance are mutually important to survive in today's competitive and fashionable world. To be at paramount in the race of success, it is really important to look presentable, attractive and confident all the time. But, at the same time, our hectic schedule hardly leaves us with any time to indulge in proper beauty/makeup rituals. Putting an end to your dilemma, our Beauty Expert Ms Bharti Taneja, reveals few fantastic makeup tips to take good care of your beauty between duty.

Smoothing effect: If you have uneven skin-tone, you may first round upon applying a concealer to hide all the flaws of the skin.  Otherwise you can settle down with just applying a matching shade of foundation and seal the look by powdering the face. On the other hand, a two-way cake is also a good option to get smooth and sultry makeup. It is recommended to apply it using a wet sponge for a water proof effect. For this, wet your sponge and blend the product perfectly onto your face and neck to keep your face looking fresh all-day-long. Using these cakes for touch-ups whenever required, is also recommended, to maintain the velvety-finish on the skin.

Blush-Flush: Blushing not only compliments your smiling cheeks, but also endows your face with perfect shape for a chiseled look. Round-upon a suitable and similar colored blusher to your skin-tone – pink, peach or brown. Blushers can also be used as eye-shadows (in absence of one) to highlight your eyes.

Kohl kool: Indian beauty is incomplete without Kajal, as it infuses the essence of black magic in your eyes, while making them look bigger, deeper and more intense. This most-favorite cosmetic product for girls since years, emerges as most handy too, when it comes to endow your peepers with a sultry avatar, anytime, anywhere. Also, one may try-on various looks for eyes by playing with different colors of eye-pencils which are very famous amongst the young girls, nowadays, as an alternate of eye-shadow.

Mascara Magic: Mascara is used to turn your eye lashes thick and long for a defined set of eyes. But, the results are better if you curl your lashes using an eye-lash curler before applying mascara. Applying dollops of mascara opens-up the eyes and bestows you with dramatic looking peepers.

Lips Luster: Makeup can’t be called as done, without a nice shade of lip-color on your pout. Hence, it is suggested for every girl to keep her favorite lip-color in her clutch all the time. These days bright hued -neon lipsticks are very much in fashion and making their mark even in the international fashion circuit; you may try such shades after choosing the one which suits your skin-tone. Or, to remain on subtler side, go for a nude shade or settle down with gloss to add that classy sheen without looking overtly bold.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)

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