Tips for a healthy heart

A healthy heart is key to having a healthy life. Sedentary and stressful lifestyle is leading to more and more people having cardiovascular problems at an early age. Here are a few tips to keep your heart beating for long:-

1) Check your blood pressure timely: It is important to keep your blood pressure low by eating a diet low in sodium, exercising and keeping your arteries functioning.

2) Eating less cholesterol, Trans and saturated fats.

3) Eating less meat: A diet low in saturated fat is one crucial factor in preventing heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes among others.

4) Exercising regularly: Exercising has so many benefits. It relieves stress, lowers your blood pressure, burns fat, strengthens your immune system and just leaves you feeling good for the rest of the day.

5) Staying at your healthy weight, or lose weight if you need to in order to be healthy.

6) Avoiding unnecessary stress as it raises your blood pressure.

7) Avoid smoking and cut down on your alcohol intake. A smoker is twice more likely to have a heart attack than a non-smoker and regular consumption of alcohol leads to increase in blood pressure, weight gain and can even damage heart muscles.

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