Tips to lead a healthier life

Zee Media Bureau/ Irengbam Jenny

Leading a healthy life doesn’t only mean going to the gym and working out. It further means to take care of your body and make easy to manage healthy choices in day to day life. Our body is our physical shell that will take us through the various phases of life.

Here are few tips to lead a healthier life

Drink lots of water:

Water is very essential for our body to function. Most of us do not know that over 60% of our body is made up of water. It is very much needed in our body as it carries out body functions, removes waste and carries nutrients and oxygen around our body. We should take lots of water everyday as we lose water through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing. Drinking more water helps in losing weight too.

Eat lots of fruits:

Healthy eating is a must to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating lots of fruits benefits our body with vitamins and minerals. For example - Oranges gives more health benefits than vitamin C pills.

Consuming fruits directly benefits our health than taking synthetic supplements. In order to lead a healthy life one must eat a plateful of nutritious fruits everyday.


Exercising daily brings tremendous benefits to our body. Exercising increases the life span, lowers the risk of diseases, leads to higher bone density and helps in weight loss. Increase of physical activity in our life like walking over motorised transport for short distances and taking stairs instead of lift will lead us to healthy living.

Enough sleep:

Sleep is a must for healthy living as our body needs rest after a day of hard work. If you don't get enough sleep you tend to eat more. Due to lack of sleep one may face premature ageing and dark circles beneath our eyes. So to avoid these problems and let your body heal, get enough sleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol:

Alcohol is a diuretic like caffeine. Alcohol has a negative impact on our body, as it impacts the proper functioning of the brain, liver, lungs and other major organs. If you are a regular drinker of alcohol then it is time to cut it off.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is not good for health, as it leads to lung cancer, kidney cancer, heart attack and much more. Health risks cannot be decreased by smoking light cigarettes. To enjoy a healthy living, quit smoking.


Meditation keeps our mind calm and composed. As we all know, a healthy mind helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will help curb most depression, anxiety and blood pressure related health issues. About 10 minutes of meditation everyday maintains a healthy heart and keeps stress levels low. 

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