Treat your hair according to their texture

A healthy, glowing and flowing mane is certainly known to be a woman’s treasure. 

Bharti Taneja

A healthy, glowing and flowing mane is certainly known to be a woman’s treasure. Your hair not only exhibits your lifestyle; but also reveal your state-of-mind. Therefore, it becomes important for you to take due care of your tresses – more so, depending upon their type and texture, for better results. Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, shares how to do it with utmost ease.

Normal Hair:

If your hair need to be washed two times in a week in summers and three times during winters; you have normal tresses.

Care Tips:

*Wash your hair according their daily requirement.

*Massage you hair with a mixture of sesame and almond oil once a week, leave for overnight and wash off the very next morning to catch hold of a nourished mane.

*Do not tie your hair too tightly while sleeping and use very hot water for hair washing; instead use lukewarm water for this purpose.

Oily Hair:

If you start realizing grime in your hair the very next day you wash your hair in summers and every second day during winters – then, you should consider your mane as oily.

Care Tips:

*Use lemon as a conditioner, if you want to infuse some bounce onto your hair to make them appear fresh and flowing. For this, squeeze half lemon into a mug filled with water and use this water for last rinse of your hair-wash.

*If you’re a victim of oily dandruff due to excessive greasiness on your mane you can try this simple remedy. Boil one teaspoon of triphala powder in half-cup of water for sometime and filter the mixture. Now, add a spoon of vinegar to it and apply for overnight. Wash-off with a good shampoo the very next morning to discover oil-free hair.

Dry Hair:

If your hair appear rough and damaged, even after proper shampooing, conditioning and caring; they are dry in nature.

Care Tips:

*Every time before you wash, massage you hair with olive or castor oil.

*To create a homemade conditioner, mix few drops of lemon and castor oil in blended egg. Now, apply it for half an hour on your entire scalp and wash off with a conditioner-rich shampoo to do away with the stink of egg.