Watch video: The miracle cure for puffy eyes and dark circles – Coffee!

Coffee, and caffeine in particular, has been used in a number of at home beauty and personal care treatments. 

Image courtesy: YouTube

Zee Media Bureau/Udita Madan

New Delhi: Coffee, for most people around the globe, is an essential apparatus to help kickstart the day. It is a cup for all seasons and without their favourite brew, their day seems incomplete.

However, it might be news for many, that their beloved beverage carries certain properties that can help with minor skin issues as well!

For that, you don't need to consume extra cups of coffee, but apply it on your skin. It is especially good for dark circles and puffy eyes.

Coffee, and caffeine in particular, has been used in a number of at-home beauty and personal care treatments. It has also been believed to work well at reducing the appearance of cellulite because of the fact that caffeine can temporarily help to tone and tighten skin. That’s why many body scrubs and lotions that promise to do so much contain and list it as an active ingredient.

The video you are about to watch, gives you a detailed explanation about the minerals and nutrients that coffee contains and how they help your skin.

Check out the video below! 

(Video courtesy: Simplecare Products)