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Narendra Modi`s Himachal rally - As it happened

In first visit to Himachal Pradesh after being announced BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for 2014 General elections, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will address Parivartan Rally in Sujanpur of Hamirpur.

Zee Media Bureau/Hemant Abhishek

3.15 pm: Narendra Modi concludes his speech by chanting `Vande Mataram`, and the crowd chants along.

3.14 pm: I come here not with promises, but with a vision for future: Narendra Modi.

3.12 pm: Vaade karne walo ko bahut dekha hai, aaj mai vaade nahi iraade leke aaya hu: Narendra Modi.

3.10 pm: NDA is going to form the next government and our agenda is `National Development Alliance`: Narendra Modi.

3.09 pm: Atal ji pyaar ki kheti karte they, Congress zeher ki, Andhra Pradesh ko hi dekh lo aaj waha aag lagi hui hai Atal ji cultivated love, but Congress is sowing poison. Look at how Telangana is burning: Narendra Modi.

3.07 pm: Among all the things that `Madam` said, she had questioned our statue of unity but said the next election will be fought for unity: Modi.

3.05 pm: Madam Sonia ji yeh zehr ki kheti kaun kar raha hai? You are sowing poison and you are dividing the country: Narendra Modi.

3.02 pm: For Himachal`s development we need to give jobs to the youth and promote tourism: Narendra Modi.

3.01 pm: Congress is a dynastic party which is the opposite of being a democratic party: Modi.

3.00 pm: This politics of hatred and untouchability is not good for the democracy: Narendra Modi.

2.58 pm: One day a Communist leader from Kerala praised me he was removed, a minister met me and he was take to task: Modi.

2.56 pm: “Why and for whom should I be corrupt? I have nothing. My mind and body is totally devoted to the nation,” says Modi.

2.55 pm: We will bring back black money and gift it to honest tax payers of the nation: Narendra Modi.

2.54 pm: “If Congressmen are not corrupt then what is their worry in getting black money back? Black money stashed abroad belongs to the people of India. These people have looted poor and put money there,” says Modi.

2.53 pm: Congress is the root cause of corruption in this nation: Narendra Modi.

2.52 pm: “How long will the Congress keep saving itself, asks Modi.

2.51 pm: “Yesterday a leader asked how many BJP leaders are in jail. I ask him to see what his telecom ministers did,” says the Gujarat CM.

2.50 pm: “Prime Minister says money does not grow on trees but your own CM became 14 times richer after earning money from trees,” says Modi.

2.49 pm: The assets of the leader of Congress and Himachal Pradesh CM (Virbhadra Singh) have risen 14 times and this was written in his affidavit : Narendra Modi.

2.48 pm: Like price rise, corruption is also ruining the nation. Nation needs to be freed from corruption. If we need freedom from corruption, we first need to rid the country of the corrupt: Narendra Modi.

2.47 pm: “There is no vision in Delhi. Railway is an asset for India and can give new strength to our development,” says the Gujarat CM.

2.46 pm: Himachal has been riddled by bus accident. Should Himachal not get a good rail network?,” asks Modi.

2.45 pm: Railway connectivity in hilly areas is important from tourism point of view. Sadly we have not thought on those lines: Narendra Modi.

2.45 pm: What did not happen in these states for 60 years will happen in 60 months, I assure you. You will see the change: Narendra Modi.

2.43 pm: Only calling meeting of chief ministers and asking them to speak for ten minutes will not help. PM must come to Himayalan states and sit with CMs : Narendra Modi.

2.42 pm: Solutions in one place cannot be used in other places. We need to understand issues and then solve them: Modi.

2.42 pm: When Atal ji was the PM, apple farmers from Himachal got good prices, but that ended when UPA came to power: Narendra Modi.

2.40 pm: Congress arrogance is sky high and they are not willing to answer the people: Modi.

2.38 pm: When they came to power Congress leader promised to bring down the prices. But they are not willing to tell the people that they were unable to bring down prices despite promising to: Narendra Modi.

2.37 pm: “Congress leaders are going all around the country talking about greats of the past but what about price rise,” asks Modi.

2.36 pm: When Kargil happened we had gone there, we saw the soldiers fighting bravely :Narendra Modi.

2.35 pm: “Should we be scared of any country in the world? Would it be fair if any country in the world dominates us?,” asks Modi.

2.34 pm: Governments need trust of the people to function. But this is perhaps the first government which is not trusted by the people: Narendra Modi.

2.33 pm: “I ask you if you have any faith in the Congress government? Do you trust Congress leaders, their promises and what they say? If not then why do you tolerate them,” asks Modi.

2.32 pm: Himachal has a special place in my life. Atal (Bihari Vajpayee) ji loved this state a lot: Modi

2.31 pm: It was from Himachal Pradesh that I went to Gujarat to serve as the Chief Minister,” says Modi.

2.30 pm:There is nothing like membership in the BJP. We have a relationship of blood and a relation for generations: Modi

2.29 pm: Youngsters from the state are serving the nation. India sleeps peacefully because youngsters from here are awake: Narendra Modi

2.28 pm: “Himachal Pradesh has given me a lot of affection and respect,” says the Gujarat CM.

2.26 pm: I bow my head and salute this land of the brave: Narendra Modi

2.23 pm: Narendra Modi begins his speech.

Shimla: In his first visit to Himachal Pradesh after being announced as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 General elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will address the party`s Parivartan Rally in Sujanpur town of Hamirpur district on Sunday.

Over 1,000 security personnel have been deployed to ensure peaceful conduct of the rally, informed IGP, Mandi Zone, PL Thakur.
The rally is expected to be attended by over 2 lakh people.

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