350-yr-old ‘Ghat Mandani’ predicts 'moody monsoon'; stressful time for PM Modi

18 earthen pots filled with food items were left buried under the soil and the contents checked the next day! 

350-yr-old ‘Ghat Mandani’ predicts 'moody monsoon'; stressful time for PM Modi

Mumbai: While the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted 'above normal' monsoon, followers of a 350-year-old tradition in Maharashtra are not really sure whether rain gods will open the gates this year.

Started by Chandrabhan Maharaj 350 years ago, the 'Ghat Mandani' tradition followed in Bhendwal village in Jalgaon Jamod Tehsil in Buldana district predicts the monsoon season to begin normally but it will soon turn unpredictable with some states will receive heavy rains while others will get little or no rain.

Ghat Mandani: How it's done

As per a report in The Hitavada, last Sunday, on the eve of Akshay Tritiya, earthen pots filled with 18 types of grains, food items like Sanjori (sweet stuffed flatbreads), Kurdai (Papad in the form of Chakli), Papad etc were buried under the soil at a farm in the village.

The area was left untouched overnight. The next morning, Sharangdhar Maharaj and Punjaji Maharaj, who are the current custodians of the tradition , along with thousands of villagers came to the farm and examined the effect of nature on the pots and the food items in them.

Based on what they saw, they issued predictions about the monsoon. They even gave recommendations on the crops that have the best chance to survive in the coming months.

But their predictions were not just limited to monsoon and farming, they even predicted that Prime Minister Modi is headed towards a stressful phase in his life as people will busy tarnishing his image.

They also predicted that economy will take a hit and tensions with India's neighbours will continue.

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