Aero India: Zen Technologies unveils first jointly-developed chopper simulator

Zen Technologies and Rockwell Collins Thursday unveiled a next generation rotary wing simulator at the Aero India trade expo here, signalling their decision to join forces in military flight simulation.

Bengaluru: Zen Technologies and Rockwell Collins Thursday unveiled a next generation rotary wing simulator at the Aero India trade expo here, signalling their decision to join forces in military flight simulation.

"Rotary wing simulators are much more complex than those for fixed wing aircraft because of the space needed for the rotor blades. This is our way of telling the world we have arrived," Zen Technologies senior vice president (Aviation) HJ Kamath told IANS soon after the unveiling.

The simulator has grown out of an MoU signed three months ago by the two companies.

"The task of integration was very very important. We never dreamt we could have done it in two-and-a-half months," Kamath added.

"The strategic alliance between Zen Technologies and Rockwell Collins will produce top-shelf solutions while also ensuring cost benefits for customers across the region since our capabilities are indigenized, including in software, electronics and visuals. With this launch, both companies aim to emerge, in the near future, as key partners to the Indian armed forces," he said.

The simulator, housed in an ergonomically-designed cockpit is configurable and fully addresses both the flight and mission aspects of rotary wing aircraft. The simulator supports anytime, anywhere training and is a cost-effective, efficient alternative for pilot training in handling routine flights, emergencies and practice missions, a Zen statement said.

"Unparalleled realism in training is provided using geo-specific cultured terrains, operations flight profiles, and avionics that can be used to train both new and experienced pilots before any mission. The simulator will enhance combat readiness for crew members through a comprehensive training continuum that is customizable for all types of military platforms," the statement added.

Commenting on the launch, Zen Technologies managing director Ashok Atluri said: "Over the next few years, the Indian defence forces will be strengthening their aircraft portfolio, both fixed and rotary wing. Moreover, there are a number of existing simulators which may need some mid-life upgrades both in terms of technology and aircraft concurrency. Therefore, we see a very large opportunity for full mission simulators, flight training devices, and part task trainers, amongst others."

"Through our association with Rockwell Collins we will be able to fill the existing gap in the flight simulation market in India. Moreover, our alliance with Rockwell Collins marks the first time that a global simulator original equipment manufacturer has teamed with an Indian simulator manufacturing company to cater to the Indian defence market," Atluri added.

The display at Aero India includes a Zen anti-aircraft air defence simulator (Zen AAADS) designed to train missile operators on procedures in both simulated and field conditions as well as psycho-physiological training experienced at the time of launch.

Also on view is a Zen UAV mission simulator -- a comprehensive system designed to support basic, operational and mission training for external pilots, internal pilots, mission commanders, observers/special payload operators and image interpreters.

The Zen war-gaming solutions on view provides a doctrine-neutral solution for joint-services/combined and stand-alone operations. The gen-next constructive simulation supports both conventional and non-conventional operations.

This apart, there is the Zen smart target system an electro-mechanical, software-driven, acoustical projectile detection and reporting system designed to be used in outdoor ranges for live small arms firing and the Zen TacSim with indoor tracking system (ITS) designed to meet the training needs of forces tasked to combat enemy/terrorists operating from built-up area/buildings by physical intervention.

Zen Technologies, incorporated in 1993 with headquarters in Hyderabad, has over the years designed, developed and manufactured various types of training equipment and simulators.

The products developed in-house meet high qualitative standards and are cost-effective, the statement said.

The company has supplied over 450 simulators to over 100 customers across all the three services, state and central police forces of India and other countries.

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